Tampa Attorneys For Electrocution And Electric Shock Injuries

Last updated on July 3, 2024

Electricity is a marvel of nature that helps power the world, but it can be dangerous. Serious electric shocks and death by electrocution happen more frequently than you might think. Victims deserve justice when negligence is involved.

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Electrocution And Shock Injuries On The Homefront

Gas leaks and electrical malfunctions often lead to home explosions, causing severe injuries and even wrongful deaths. Common scenarios include:

  • Improper installations: Incorrectly installed gas lines or electrical wiring
  • Ignoring safety protocols: Not following safety guidelines during construction or repair work
  • Defective products: Using faulty appliances or equipment that have manufacturing defects
  • Inadequate training: Workers without proper training may mishandle equipment or fail to recognize hazards

The resulting injuries – burns, lacerations, respiratory issues and brain trauma – can be life-changing. Severe weather can exacerbate an existing electrical problem, often leading to death and catastrophic injury.

Live Wires Can Endanger Everyone In The Vicinity

After a storm or even from wear and tear, loose or fallen live wires become lethal traps, causing electric shocks or fatalities. Examples of how negligence can play a role in live wire deaths and injuries include:

  • Delayed emergency response: Slow response to fallen power lines, especially after a storm
  • Lack of safety signage: Not providing clear warning signs near live wires
  • Not de-energizing equipment: Overlooking power shutdowns during maintenance or repair work

Electric shock injuries can be catastrophic, often causing cardiac arrest, muscle damage and severe long-term neurological issues.

Other Electrocution And Shock Causes

Injuries and wrongful deaths involving electricity can occur in other ways, such as from faulty home appliances, at construction sites or due to faulty industrial equipment. Defective products, dangerous property conditions and workplace accidents are other common culprits.

Victims have legal options to explore after suffering because of negligence.

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