Top 5 Most Common Slip-and-Fall Injuries To Watch Out For

| Feb 17, 2023 | Firm News

Slip and fall injuries are a common yet often overlooked type of accident that can cause serious harm to those affected. These injuries can occur in various settings and situations, ranging from a simple misstep on the sidewalk to a complicated incident in the workplace. No matter the circumstances, slip-and-fall injuries can cause severe physical, emotional, and financial consequences for victims.

What Causes Slip-and-Fall Injuries?

Slip-and-fall injuries usually occur due to unsafe property conditions. These hazards may include wet or slippery surfaces, uneven or broken floors, inadequate lighting, and cluttered walkways. In many cases, a property owner’s negligence in maintaining their property can be a contributing factor. If you know someone who suffers from the consequences of a slip-and-fall injury, it’s best to contact a Tampa personal injury lawyer. They can help you get the compensation that can help fund your medical bills and other expenses.

Most slip-and-fall injuries are preventable with some common sense on the part of a property owner. However, it is equally crucial to be aware of the potential risks and take the necessary precautions to avoid these accidents. Here are our top five most common slip-and-fall injuries you must watch out for.

1. Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are the most common type of slip and fall injury. These injuries occur when the ligaments and muscles are stretched or torn due to a sudden movement or impact. A wide range of activities can cause sprains and strains, but the most common causes include:

  • Slipping on a wet surface.
  • Tripping over an object.
  • Falling from an elevated surface.

These injuries can go from mild to severe, depending on the intensity of the impact or force applied.

2. Fractures

Fractures are a severe type of slip-and-fall injury that can cause long-term damage to the body. These injuries occur when a bone breaks due to the force of a fall or impact. Symptoms of a fracture can include intense pain, swelling, and difficulty moving the affected area.

Fractures are commonly caused by a traumatic force such as a fall, a direct blow, or a body twist. Activities such as contact sports, running, and jumping can increase the risk of fractures and weak bones due to osteoporosis or other conditions.

3. Head Injuries

Head injuries are a severe concern regarding slip-and fall-accidents. Even a minor fall can cause damage to the brain or skull if a hard surface impacts the head. Depending on the force of the impact, head injuries can lead to something as benign as mild headaches to something as severe as loss of consciousness.

4. Back Injuries

Back injuries are a common type of slip and fall injury that can be exceptionally debilitating. These injuries occur when the spine is damaged due to the force of a fall or impact. Symptoms of a back injury can include intense pain, numbness, and difficulty moving.

5. Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are a type of slip and fall injury that can be difficult to diagnose. These injuries occur when the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are damaged due to a fall. A soft tissue injury’s symptoms range from mild soreness to severe bruising and swelling.


Slip-and-fall injuries can be severe and can have long-term consequences. It’s best to be careful to prevent slips and falls. Being careful includes wearing the proper footwear, maintaining clear pathways and surfaces, and being aware of potential hazards. However, suppose you or someone close to you is already suffering from a slip and fall injury caused by a property owner’s negligence. In that case, you should call a Tampa personal injury lawyer to aid you in getting the compensation you deserve.

Most slip-and-fall accidents are preventable, especially if the property owner took the time to observe safety precautions. You deserve the best catastrophic injury lawyers who can help you get compensated for your slip-and-fall injury, so contact Mendes, Reins & Wilander today to get a free case evaluation.