How to Find Trustworthy Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

| Feb 3, 2023 | Firm News

Nursing home abuse can be a frightening and traumatic experience for a victim and their family. It is important to ensure that the victim receives the legal help they need to protect their rights.

Finding a personal injury lawyer in Tampa can be daunting, but it is possible with the right research and due diligence.

Do you worry about the health of your parents or other loved ones who are receiving nursing or long-term care? A qualified attorney can assist you and your loved one in evaluating the situation, ascertaining what occurred, and holding those accountable.

Continue reading if you suspect a loved one of yours may be a victim of nursing home abuse.

What Kinds of Abuse Happen Most Frequently in Nursing Homes?

In assisted care homes, abuse can take many forms, including self-neglect, negligence, financial exploitation, and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Physical Abuse

Hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, or harming a resident in any other way are all examples of this abuse. A resident may also be physically abused by being restrained or denied the freedom to move about the facility.

Emotional Violence

A resident of a nursing home could experience fear, anxiety, or depression as a result of emotional abuse.

Intimidation, yelling, name-calling, harassing, or being prohibited from speaking on the phone with friends or family can all be signs of emotional abuse. Information about their condition or family members may also be withheld to make a person feel alone and alienated.

Sexual Assault

When a nursing home resident is fondled or touched in a sexual manner, this is considered sexual abuse. When a resident is made to watch porn or witness other individuals having sex, this can also constitute sexual abuse.

The victim of sexual assault may be terrified of more harm if they disclose the abuse, which is why it frequently happens that no one reports it.


This happens during a nursing home neglect, where the facility neglects residents or neglects to keep an eye on them for an extended period.

For instance, it could be considered abandonment if no staff members were available to help a person unable to move safely from one location to another.

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation is used in nursing homes to describe when someone steals or utilizes another resident’s money in an unethical way.

How to Find Trustworthy Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Check to see if the attorney you’re working with has the knowledge and resources needed to assist you with litigating nursing home abuse cases. The following are some of the most crucial qualities to look for in a nursing home abuse attorney:


An excellent lawyer will have expertise in this area of law. The greatest attorneys can easily handle even challenging cases because they have years of experience defending victims of nursing home abuse.

Additionally, not all lawyers are knowledgeable about the regulations that apply to nursing homes, the claims process, and other problems that arise when handling these kinds of situations.

Look for a lawyer with experience managing abuse claims in nursing homes. A straightforward method for doing this is to compare the proportion of cases they have won to those that have been rejected or lost.

Stellar Record

Even the best lawyers cannot ensure a client’s victory in court. But if you choose a lawyer with a solid track record, your case is more likely to be successful.

To make it easier for you to assess their claims about their skill set and success in courts around the country, think about speaking to other clients who have previously retained this attorney.

Fair Terms

Never feel forced by a lawyer or law firm to agree to unreasonable terms because they might not take your case if you don’t. A competent attorney will be up front about their fees.


Finding an effective nursing home abuse attorney is an important first step in ensuring that your loved one receives the justice they are due. It is crucial to assess the attorney’s background and track record with cases of nursing home mistreatment and their aptitude for communicating clearly with you and your loved one.

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